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We are in the midst of a mental health pandemic and a racism pandemic

New data shows pandemic wreaking havoc on Americans' mental health. The physical toll of COVID-19 has been devastating, but the pandemic is also having a severe impact on America's collective mental health. In addition, racism is associated with a host of psychological consequences, including depression, anxiety and other serious, sometimes debilitating conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders.

A new CDC study shows 40 percent of young adults have experienced symptoms of depression or anxiety in the last month. *

More than 8 in 10 Americans say the future of our nation is a significant source of stress. **

55% of Black adults say discrimination is a significant source of stress, up from 42% prior to the murder of George Floyd. **

More than 7 in 10 Americans reported police violence in America to be a significant source of stress.**

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Our mission is to encourage emotional and mental wellness, to help de-stigmatize seeking mental health treatment, and connect young people - especially those in communities of color - to existing mental wellness resources available to them.

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